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Pony Rides & Birthday Parties At Cheyenne Arabians And Miniatures Horse Ranch


Located in beautiful Ramona, California. (San Diego County)

Cheyenne Arabians & Miniature Horse Ranch Offers Pony Rides For All Ages.

We Have Ponies For All Occasions: Birthday Parties, Weddings And ???.

Pony Parties At The Ranch - Add A Petting Zoo to any Birthday Party Package - Contact Us for Special Add-On Pricing 


San Diego Pony Rides

Mini-Donkey Petting Zoo Kids Petting Zoo Goat & Donkey mini horse

baby goat dog riding horse sheep and goat   llamas

 barnyard animals farm dog

little piglet sleeping sheep


Animal Planet "That's My Baby":


Our Ranch and animals were featured on the very popular Animal Planet Show "That's My Baby". Watch a segment of this very family friendly episode featuring Cheyenne, Piglet, and Gypsy and then come out to the ranch to see them all grown up!

Click on this link to view "Gypsy the Miniature Horse" video:


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Our Friendly Petting Zoo Animals Include: A Cow, Miniature Horses, Ponies, Mini Donkeys, Chickens, Ducks, Goats and more

 See more of our adorable petting zoo animals on Instagram below:

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