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Horse Sales At Cheyenne Arabians And Miniatures Horse Ranch

Thank you for choosing Cheyenne Arabians And Miniatures for your new horse purchase.


We offer Paints, Miniatures, Arabians, Half-Arabians, and Ponies.


 Whether it be a horse for trail riding, western pleasure, jumping, English,

 barrels, showing or just purchasing a miniature horse or pony

for the family we have the horse you are looking for at Cheyenne Arabians.


Cheyenne Arabians And Miniatures Offers The Following Paints, Ponies, Arabs,


Half-Arabs, Pintos, Quarter Horses, Llama And Miniature Horses For Sale



Horse For Sale - Name: "Polly"


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Horse For Sale - Name: "Dancer"


Reg. Arabian mare 12 yr and you can do anything on. she is not spooky at all, she is very sweet. She is UTD on all shot, vet, feet. She has been shown in Halter, English, Jumping, Trail, Gymkhana, Barrel racing & Team Penning. She has always been in the ribbons & High Point. She load in a trailer with out any problem. She will walk through water with no problems. We have done a lot with this mare.

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Llamas For Sale

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The Stockwater systems can be wheeled out to horse barns, corrals and other livestock areas, connected to a water supply hose and turned on to supply fresh, good tasting water to troughs or other watering containers. The most important part of the Stockwater system is the special membrane that creates the purified water. Unlike the membranes used in most reverse osmosis systems which remove up to 99% of dissolved minerals the Stockwater membrane removes only about 80 to 90%. This means that the Stockwater purified water contains the partial mineral content vital for health and good taste while eliminating excessive hardness and off taste components which can cause lower than normal hydration in livestock.
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The Stockwater systems include a welded all stainless steel frame and pressure vessel, integrated aluminum dolly cart with 8” wheels, dual sediment and carbon block prefilters, prefilter in and out pressure gauges, special membrane filter element(s), ¾” standard hose feed water connectors, ½” tube cam lock product and drain connectors, digital electronic water purity monitor for feed and product water, and combined flow restrictor/membrane flush valve. The pressure gauges provide an indication of prefilter condition and feed water pressure while the water quality monitor shows the mineral content of both feed water and product water allowing verification of proper membrane operation.
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