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Stallion - Bask Mysty Warrior  - Phone 760-788-3780


Standing at Stud


Bask Mysty Warrior

It's not just about a great body, but about a great mind as well!


Beauty isn't everything, but when you have Quality, Brains, and a Great attitude it doesn't hurt







Bask Mysty Warrior is a Grandson of*Bask++ and is standing at stud.


If you are considering supplementing an existing breeding program, or starting a new one, consider adding an Arabian Stallion...The opportunities are varied and endless!



He is a wonderful Arabian Stallion to breed to for Mind and Performance. He has been shown and done very well in Dressage, Jumping, Western Pleasure, Hunt Seat, Trail, Gymkhana, Barrel Racing, Team Penning and Reining.


He crosses very well with draft horses


The Arabian horse has a long history (with records dating back more than 3500 years) of providing the foundation for many, if not all, of the light horse breeds known to man. Even today, breeders worldwide continue the tradition of using Arabian blood to enhance existing breeds as well as in the develop of new breeds. Arabian & part-Arabian horses consistently dominate the endurance disciplines, and make in open competition from working western to dressage, and everything in between. Additionally, Arabians and part-Arabian horses enjoy numerous breed specific competitions from local to National levels. Arabian even have a National Championship show dedicated specifically to sport horse discipline, as well as offering futurity opportunities in both halter and performance with many chances to win significant prize money.


Stud Fee:$800.00 LFG includes booking fee


Multi Mare Discount


Transported semen available


Discount if booked before April 1


or to see his Babies that are future champions representing our breeding program

See babies <Here>



Bask Mysty Warrior Pedigree


 Tazaba  Bask-Tez  *Bask++   PASB Witraz  PASB- Balalajka



 Wonteza  Witez II  *I Wonka III



 AL-SHA Ann  Fersan  Ferseyn  Anamait



 Far Rahana  Farlu  Nirahna




 Maarcia  Maar-Baarou  Maar-Rab  Far-Rab  Maarou



 Baaroufette  Baarouf  Mailatrah



 Maar Saana  Maar-Rab  Far-Rab  Maaron



 Disaana  Disaan  Ruballa




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